Friday, June 6, 2008

An Average Thursday Night (Or So We Thought)

  • 5:00 pm

Stacy and I put the finishing touches on our Buffalo Wing Chili Mac Casserole (from Rachel Ray) while discussing the unfortunate fact that neither of us had actually tasted the casserole to see how spicy it actually was since we didn't really measure out the hot sauce, but poured it onto the macaroni, liberally.

  • 6:00 pm
I announce that there is supposed to be bad weather and Stacy acknowledges the same. We discuss the fact that Tornado's don't ever touch down by our town...and she expresses her fear that one will be in theirs...tonight.
  • 6:30 pm
We decide to take some fun pictures of her and Micah.

I know above picture is kind of blurry, but it's SO one of our favorites!

  • 7:30 pm

I take my Buffalo Wing Chili Mac and drive down the road to watch my handyman hubby install a sink at the Hartog II's just down the street.

  • 10:00 pm

Jim & Dr. Hartog are finishing with the sink while the Mrs. and I take a tour of their beautiful yard identifying only a few of their hundreds of tree species!

  • 10:30 pm

We get ready to go home, but are immediately reminded by the howling wind and severe thunderstorms, that we're not going anywhere in a hurry and might as well settle in for the night. Mrs. Hartog turns on our faithful Channel 13 and we discover there is a tornado warning for the surrounding area. We hightail it to the basement, turn on the TV and find that Jay Leno has replaced Ed Wilson and the tornado warning is over. We retreat back upstairs, have a fruit smoothie, look at bird books and get to bed by 1:00 am.

  • 1:00 am

I think Ed Wilson is the coolest weather dude. I was totally enamored by the weather reports last night...and watched intensly as tornado warning and "hook echoes" venture across Iowa. I realized how God protected us by keeping Jim on the sink project long enough to keep us off the road and out of flooding conditions. The storm system was pretty much on our route home most of the night. And tornado warnings were speckled all over central Iowa...including near our town...and Stacy's. Hmmm.

  • 1:30 am

*ring, ring* Ariel calls...Jim is needed at work to help clean up flooding. I go with him.

  • 3:30 am

I can't take it anymore! I NEED sleep!

  • 3:45 am

I drive through a pond in the Hartog's driveway, run as fast as I can (for fear of the boogie man), insert the key into the keyhole and find that I have NO idea how to work this lock. After what seemed several minutes, Mrs. Hartog comes to my rescue. I drag myself to the guestroom, after washing the nastiness off of my feet of course, and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

  • 9:00 am

I'm startled awake by the phone. Stacy was calling to make sure we're ok. We chat. I call Jim. He's STILL working.

  • 12:30 pm

*whew* Jim gets to go home to sleep, but not before taking me out to lunch after I post this. He's awesome.

  • 12:47 pm

He's nodding off in the chair next to me. It's time to sign off and get my hubby food in his belly and sleep for his heavy eyelids!


HonorMommy said...

AWWW...that hubby of yours is a keeper!

Sarah said...

I KNOW! Isn't he?

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