Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meine Vier

Just a little German Lesson for you. I had to ask my a friend from Germany to verify it, but there it is - "My Four" - in German.

Like Jenna, I'm going to post the answers to a set of questions I got in an email.

Meine Vier or My Four:

  • Four Family Members: Jim, Me, Jim & Me.
  • Four Places that I Go Over & Over: Target, Church, Home, The Library
  • Four People who Email Me Regulary: Dani from Creston, Nancy from BMM, KCCI weather, Facebook
  • Four of my Favorite Places to Eat: Subway ($5 Footlongs!), Old Chicago (Berry Lemonade!), Georgio's in Colfax (Drew's Pasta!), Jade Garden (Garlic Chicken!)
  • Four Places I would Rather be Right Now: at the Zoo with Jim, at a Pool (preferably our own built in - Ha!) with Jim, a Spa (maybe not with Jim this time, poor guy - that would just be torture), Germany with Jim
  • Four TV Shows I Watch Over & Over: Currently, we don't watch much TV, but when we were in Michigan and we had cable I watched MythBusters, The Jeff Corwin Experience, Dirty Jobs, SurvivorMan & Man Vs. Wild. ( I know, I know, that was more than 4.)
  • Four (or 5, or 6) Movies I Watch Over & Over: Lord of the Rings Trilogy (even though I ALWAYS - well, just twice - fall asleep during the "Battle at Helm's Deep" scene), An Affair to Remember, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice. (you're not alone, Jenna! I enjoy watching these at least once, if not twice a year) Oh...and if I could add one - maybe two more, The Chronicles of Narnia & The Indiana Jones Series (I can't wait to see the new one, even though I do hear of Alien happenings...hmmm.)


Anonymous said...

I love the LOTR movies. But I never actually watch them because they are so long! LOL.

Sarah said...

They ARE so long! I'm sure I won't have the time or patience to watch them when we have kiddos, either!

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