Monday, July 7, 2008

Building Outhouses

This weeks theme is "Caution: Character Under Construction." So we're doing a lot of Construction themed things, which is really fun. 

The kids were divided into teams and chose construction related team names and built a mascot out of huge legos.  One team actually built a Jackhammer...very cool.

The next activity they did, they built outhouses.  I don't think they will be used as such, but it's a creative idea.  I wondered how many kids knew what an outhouse was, but when I saw one team painting a half moon on the door and hang a sign that said "bing used" - and that's not a typo - I figured that they knew exactly what an outhouse was.

Through the week, each team will earn points by saying verses and such and by earning points they earn pretend money to outfit their outhouse...they are having a blast with this.  And so am I!

Now, the kids are the rain.  They're brave.  And Jim is studying for his message tonight.  

Pray, pray, pray that God would work in these kids' lives.  We know God promises His word will not return void and we're praying it works in a powerful way.  I'm doing the same missionary stories I did a few weeks ago at another camp.  Pray also that these kids would see how God can use those who are willing and who obey Him first.

So, all this fun with building and outhouses is great, but the real purpose is bringing Christ to these kids and sharing that He payed the ultimate price for them by dying on the cross for their sins.  And this is our purpose...our message.   And a cockroach here and there...well, that's a small thing in light of the big picture.  They still completely gross me out.  But, I think I handle a little bug (a bug that I can squash) for the cause of Christ!


Anonymous said...

You're at Whispering Cedars, right? Trust the Nebraskans to come up with a build-your-own-outhouse activity. LOL. And I say that with great affection, as a former Nebraskan myself.

Have a great week, and may it be cockroach free!

Sarah said...

Whispering Cedars is right! And the outhouses are pretty stinkin' sweet (no pun intended!).

Thankfully, no more cockroach scares. Well, actually, last night Jim says to me "Don't scream."

What kind of a warning is that? It made me want to do the exact opposite!

"Is there a cockroach?" I asked, masking my fear.

He wouldn't tell me where it was, but I made him. I told him it's better that I know. So, he killed it and I didn't freak out in the slightest. It's those surprise attacks that get to me!


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