Friday, July 11, 2008

Jim The One-Hit Wonder

We had a contest at the beinning of the week. It was called a Nail-Driving contest and we had to see how fast we could drive a nail. I thought I did pretty ok with 5 seconds. Then, Jim womped on me with a one-hitter. Yeah. He drove the nail in with one swing. The funny part is that he was using Michael Lewis' hammer and he showed Michael up, too. Poor showed up with his own hammer. Being that I know next to nothing about hammers, I'd say Michael's hammer was pretty sweet. It was magnetic on the top so you didn't have to hold the nail and then bust your hand with the hammer. So, in case you're asking yourself what the point of this post is. Basically, it's to brag on Jim. Jim the One-Hit Wonder. (Oh, and for you Crestonites out there who might be reading, that's Amanda Carr in the red.)


HonorMommy said...

Such good form too ;-)

Sarah said...

I Know. *Blush*

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