Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I ♥ Schnitzel

Jim and I are dog lovers. But, for now, we can't have one.
Jim and I are puppet lovers, too. And we can have one of those.

So, we opted for a Puppy Puppet. And his name is Schnitzel.

We hope Schnitzel can be used in our ministry to children someday. Already he's brought smiles to the faces of little tots....and a few looks of distrust and fear (Hey, puppets can be a little scary, if you're not used to inanimate objects becoming animate).

I've been asked if Schnitzel speaks German yet...the answer is "no." But, he'll be learning right along with us. I've also been asked if he's easy to care for...the answer is "yes." No walks, no potty-training, no feeding. Easy. (Co-worker Todd Daily also mentioned these lovely benefits of having a puppet for a pet.) I've also been warned not to eat him. Don't worry about that one. I know his name is Schnitzel, but he won't be the main course anytime soon.
So, let me introduce you to the newest and cutest and furriest member of our family. Schnitzel.

Aw...they're bonding!

Group Shot!

Schnitzel gave 'em a big wet one!

He's a very happy puppy in this picture!

He set up the camera with the self timer and didn't make it into the picture in time...we're trying to train him to be faster when it comes to those things...crazy dog.

He likes to cuddle!

He loves Jim!

And he's very playful!

Now, you have officially been introduced to Schnitzel.


Anonymous said...

Tell ya what. You can have my Faildog and I'll take your Puppy/et.

hello? hello?

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd thought of a puppet before I got a real dog! Haha. Cute pictures.

Sarah said...

For Princess: Is that really a fair trade?

Click. Beeeeeeeep.


Thanks Jenn...this puppet thing might be good prep for the real deal! :)

HonorMommy said...

Okay....just a little nutty.... ;-P

Sarah said...

Hey, the more the merrier, I like to say! ;)Or you could substitute the word "nuttier" if that makes more sense. :)

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