Friday, September 26, 2008

Bloomin' Garden - Part 1

Remember how excited I was about my Dahlia's, Zinnia's, Blue Boys (Bachelor's Buttons) etc?

I have some pictures of MY garden (no more copying them from garden websites!) for you to enjoy!

My Beautifully Bright Pinkish-Reddish Dahlias.

My Bluer-than-Blue (framed with cascades of green) Blue Boys

My Zinnias, which mostly bloomed in hues of Iowa State rememberance. Oiy.

My Delicate White (tips dipped in elegant pink) Dahlias.

Some of my favorites...touched up and funned up.

Come back for more; believe me, there's more.


Anonymous said...

Hey now. I went to Iowa State and it's the best school ever. It's proper for your zinnias to represent.

Sarah said...

:) This is would be highly unlikely for them to bloom in a sheen black. The bouquet I cut in that last picture of the Zinnias was for a loyal ISU fan...she was appreciative - and only a week before the big game!

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