Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Violations

So sad. Yesterday I got pulled over by a Trooper on 65 and cited me with warnings (whew) for 3 viloations.

  1. Going 71 in a 65 zone. - I had it on cruise at what I thought was a comfortable and jusifiable speed...I never go more than 5 over - musta been going down a hill.
  2. The little light over my license plate was out. - never would have known that if it wasn't for the friendly (and he was) officer.
  3. Improper lane usage. -so I swerved a tiny bit - and he thought I was drunk. *sigh* At the time I couldn't remember why in the world I would swerve, but later -while sharing my "adventure" with Jim - I remembered I was adjusting the temperature.

The cool part about it all was that I got to sit in the trooper's car. He must have been listening to this song called "He's a Liar" before stopping me. I saw the track on this fancy, schmancy dashboard thingy. Now, before you think the worst about why exactly I was sitting the trooper's car, let me tell you that it was the FRONT seat, not the BACK and it was so that I could sign his computer thing...they do all electronic now, I guess. And he (my new trooper friend) was very conversational. There was a dude with him, who must have been in training or something. He didn't say a word.

While he was filling out all the paperwork on his flashy little computer, I said (to break the silence) "The last time I was in a police car was when my dad was dropping me off at a high school dance when I was 14." This little tid-bit immediately caught his attention (in a good way).

"Who is your dad?" I guess he thought he would know him. He didn't.

Overall, it was not such a scary experience. I've always thought of troopers and police officers as friendly people doing their part to keep me safe. The only time I was ever afraid when I got pulled over was when it was actually my dad who did the pulling-over. I was shaking in my boots, let me tell you.

Anyway, from this whole experience I learned that I should always keep my car clean. That was my lesson (oh, and that 71 is too fast in a 65, I need a new light bulb and no more swerving - even just a little). I never thought I would be so motivated by a State Trooper to remove all sign of junk food indulgences, random strewn papers and total disorganization. Funny thing is: the car was actually cleaned out the day before...all candy wrappers (just 3 and they were the little mini-chocolates), papers, etc. appeared that day. Oh, and it probably didn't help that I had about 4 bags and a cello in the backseat. I wonder if he thought I was transporting an illegal in there?

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