Friday, October 17, 2008

Why did the Cow Cross the Road?

Last night wasn't my only experience with a State Trooper on Hwy 65.

Yesterday morning was just the beginning of my very eventful day. First, we were running late. Second, there was a traffic hold up because there were cows on the road. Oh, Iowa - gotta love it. (Hey, that was this years State Fair theme!)

I was about the 5th car from the cows, Jim was right behind me. Unfortunately there was a semi in front of me, so I actually didn't even know about the cows until I saw them saunter up the hill to the other side of the road.

What I DID see though, was a little more entertaining. The State Trooper (hat and all) comes running down the ditch that separates the highway, then, all of a sudden he runs - really runs - like his feet are on fire back up the hill to his car. Comical, but confusing.

I call Jim on his cell. "What's happening?" He, with a better view of the drama, explains that one of the bulls in the herd charged at the Trooper (hence the running like his feet were on fire). When the Trooper retreated, so did the bull and all his lady friends alike (that's when they sauntered up the hill). So, traffic resumed normal flow and all were happy.

About 2 minutes later, I heard the tail end of Brad Erlick's traffic report on WHO radio. "Cows loose on Hwy 65 near careful, you don't want to his one of those Bison."

I called Jim again. "Did you hear that? Since when do we call cows Bison?" I figured The Hubby would know being that he worked on a Buffalo Ranch for awhile (and he looked really good in his BuffaloBoy hat).

"Uh, since never." he answered. He heard Brad's Cow faux pas, too and suggested that maybe he meant to say Bovine.

Then I began to daydream the scariness of Bison loose on the Hwy. Cows, I can handle. Buffalo...only in the confines of the Dreesman Buffalo Ranch (where Jim used to sport his ranching skills). I'll use the opportunity to make a plug for the ranch. Go to their website...if you like good buffalo burgers, brats etc. - they got'em.

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