Friday, October 24, 2008


Ugh. The funniest thing just happened. It was slightly embarrassing, but not really. I don't embarrass easily. But, just for kicks - I'll tell you anyway. It's rather quite funny.


I really have to go. I mean, bad. I hold it all through lunch and am pretty sure that, as soon as I walk through the Library doors, I am making a bee-line to the Ladies Restroom. And so I do.

And I am happy.

Until I realize there is no, absolutely NO toiletpaper. DANGER! Options fly through my mind. I can yell "HELP!" over and over and bang on the walls until someone hears me like I did that other time I had no toiletpaper (I was without a roomate and the guy from upstairs happened to be the only one who heard me "Sarah? Are you...okay?" Why me? "Uh, yeah...can you get a girl...please?" He did). Or, call Jim. He always knows what to do. Then, it hits me. Call the school, have them transfer me to Megan (the Library Staff) and quickly murmur. "I'm in the bathroom and there's no toiletpaper...Help!"

I opt for option #3 although option #1 was quite tempting.

The phone rings. The receptionist answers. I feel kind of sheepish talking on the phone in the John. But, what else is a girl to do? As I speak, I'm sure the receptionist is aware of the strange echo on my end of the line. But, she never asks about it. For that, I am glad.

Megan answers her phone. Phew. "Megan! This is Sarah...I'm in the bathroom."

"I thought I heard an echo..."

"Yeah...I know. There's no toiletpaper!" Laughter follows. Well, it's more like the Girly Giggles. I have them, too.

Seconds later, Megan approaches the door to my stall and tosses two rolls over the top. I have a difficult time trying to catch them, not dropping my phone in the you-know-what.

Another lesson: Look before you land.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah, what an adventure. You're lucky you had your phone with you!!!

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