Friday, October 24, 2008


Here is our house...we've made some progress. This used to be the old Kitchen/Dining Room - with some of the appliances cornered in the mudroom. But, soon it will be the living room.
What you're seeing in the way back of the room used to be the porch. We've opened it up some so it will flow a little look a little bigger. We took out the drop ceiling, so we have a foot more of room!

This next picture is the view from the old porch area. To Jim's right (your left) is the mudroom where we currently store the refridgerator, stove, sink, washer and dryer. Eek. It will soon be a Laundry Room only, but I'll post pictures of that later. To your right (Jim's left) the big open space in the wall with plastic is going to be the entryway to the new kitchen/dining room. Now, we call it the Blue Room. There will be a short countertop coming from the right side forming a sort of "bar" for more seating and social time during food prep. I like that idea!

Below is a better, more straight-on view of the entryway into the Blue Room (soon to be Kitchen/Dining Room).

We've got a long way to go! But we're seeing progress and we like that!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are doing a lot! Is Jim doing it all himself!?

Sarah said...

We're tag-teaming it...well, the things I CAN do helping him mud and stuff. He had a friend help him last Saturday and they put up the drywall...but, yeah...he is doing a lot of it!

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