Saturday, November 15, 2008


That's the grade I give the Gymnastics Tour of I call it something different everytime? Either way. It was superstar fantastic. We got to see all the 08 Olympic gymnasts including the Iowa-famous Shawn Johnson, the ever graceful Nastia Liuken and the always-a-winner, Shannon Miller. Jim indicated his favorite part of the whole thing was seeing the Hamm brothers in action. Sweet action.

You might be asking why I give it an A- instead of an A++. Well, I think I could have done w/o the Girl Band and Jordan Pruitt - who happened to be a favorite of many a little girl. We got super great seats. RIGHT in front of the balance beam. Sweetness. But, also RIGHT in front (or beside) the speakers. Talk about feeling the vibration of the bass! For serious!

Anyway, I've got some sweet action pictures I'll be posting soon. We couldn't use a flash (even though lots of people did), but they were decent pics. I set my camera on sports mode and got some crazy en motion shots. Stay tuned, you'll see.

Also, for those of you who may have been the least bit concerned about my dizzy was just that. A spell. I think my office chair was set on the highest level and I had a case of the vertigos. Maybe. But, the funny tasting water was due to (in my opinion) the fact that I'd had that bottle of water for nearly 2 days...and soon the water began to taste a little plasticky. Gross. I was going to throw it away, but Jim insisted on drinking the plastic. Hey, whatever floats your bottle.

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