Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How did it go? You ask. I will tell you.

J - Just in Time!

Actually we were late. We walked into the clinic 20 minutes late. Holy Cow...I was a GIANT emotional wreck. It didn't help much that I had completely (and I mean completely) forgotten that I had to play for Orchestra in Chapel this morning and basically ran out of the apartment .02 seconds after just blow-drying my hair - can you imagine the sight? Don't. I didn't even make it in time to play. Then, my dearly beloved took a wrong turn on the way to the clinic (already a tad late), and I pretty much forgot where my cool was. (Honey, forgive me!) BUT, all was not lost. We arrived in time for the tech to graciously agree to NOT re-schedule and to go ahead with the ultrasound. Phew! Of course, she had second thoughts when I melted into a puddle of tears when I returned from emptying my "blah-der." -I think she was from Romania. Anyway, all I could think while I was drowning in my tears was "I should be happy and I'm falling apart! WAAAAAHHHH!" Thanks to those lovely pregnancy hormones, I'm more of a nut than normal. And that, my friend, should scare you. ;)

O - Opportunities were few, but we were Optimistic.

Our little baby was pretty determined to stay in one place during the first 1/2 hour of the ultrasound. So content to lull around without any thought at all to the fact that we were trying to catch a glimpse of where the sun don't shine. The nerve! ;) Finally, though, only 15 minutes later, did we see catch that fateful glimpse! GIRL!

S - So Surprised and yet, so sweet!

I was sure it was a boy - but we were quite pleased at the thought of a sweet little girl! We knew right away what we would call her! It was fun to FINALLY be able to call her a her! Jim wasn't surprised at all. It was his hope that she would be a girl and he was right. The look on his face was so peaceful when we finally saw the gender. I, on the other hand, found my mouth hanging wide open!

E - Every Little Detail

Wow...it's AMAZING to see so much detail during the ultrasound! I haven't seen this baby since she was 8 weeks in the womb, and then, she looked like a little "chocolate chip" as we liked to call her at her beginnings. Now she is arms and legs and nose and eyes and knees and elbows and fingers and toes! I was in awe most of the time, but I had those moments where I was like "Weird, there's a human being inside of me!" It's a great reminder of how we are fearfully and wonderfully made and how our Creator has put us together with such perfection!

F - Flutters

When I saw her heart pu-pumping so rhythmically and peacefully...it sent my heart to flutters! I just wanted to watch and watch and watch this little baby move and stretch. Oh, and bonk herself in the nose with her knee. That seemed to be her favorite thing to do!

I - Imitation

While the tech was taking measurments of all of the baby's arms, legs and what-have-you, Jim could see the monitor. And though I couldn't see the monitor, I was quite entertained by Jim who was was imitating all of the baby's head movements when he could see it. He would cock his head when she would. It was adorable. He does the same thing with our fish! It was nice that I had an adult imitation of what the baby was doing! Oh, Jim...you're hilarious!

N - Normal Now.

Well, life is back to normal. Now we know, the news is out and life goes on. Except now, life can go on with a more feminine slant. Sorry, Jim. You are officially out-numbered. ;)

E - Extraterrestrial

And because I'm just honest like this, I have to say - as cute as I imagine little Josefine being and as adorable as those little fingers and toes were, I can't avoid the fact that, during the ultrasound, I saw the face and thought "Alien!"


Marissa Kaye Sharbaugh said...

CONGRATS!! I love that Jim was wanting a little girl. John definitely wanted his princess first. Of course, now he thinks it would be okay to have all boys so that she can always be his favorite little girl. Enjoy the last few months with just you and Jim. I know we don't really know each other very well, but we do have a common Father and I will be praying for you!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Marissa! Thanks for your prayers, too...MUCH appreciated! How's life w/ your little Emerson? She's probably grown up so much! Last time I saw you guys was in passing at graduation last year!

Emily Breyfogle said...

You chose a nice German name for her!! I was wondering if you might. May the LORD continue to bless you as your precious one grows!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Emily. That's what we were goin' for...a name that would work for both the U.S. and Germany - so she wouldn't have to be correcting people in either country on how to pronounce her name! The middle name, on the other hand, will be pronounced differently in each country, but we're not as worried about that. We will pronounce it "Ah-deh-LIE-deh", but most in the U.S. will sayd "Add-el-aide." which is nice, too. :)

Mommy Perrott said...

Congrats Sarah! Little girls are so much fun :) I was surprised when we found out we were having a girl too -- I always pictured us with a boy first for some reason -- but it was a pleasant surprise! Ultrasounds are so neat -- such a wonderful glimpse into what God has always been able to see when He creates life inside of us! Looking forward to more updates as your pregnancy goes along!
P.S. I too, thought "Alien" when I saw the face ;)

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