Thursday, February 5, 2009

Out with the Guido, In with the February

It was mid-January. Our church was hosting a "Sportsmen's Adventure" in Huxley and our job was to bring 5 live goldfish. I was perplexed as to WHY. Were we going to eat them? Give them away as prizes? Well, I was wrong on both accounts - they were table decorations, centerpieces.

When the event was over there were several leftover goldfish (feeder fish, if you will) and they were just going to be thrown out if no one wanted to take them home. Being the animal lover that I am, I just couldn't let that happen. So we brought home 7 goldfish, 6 of which died during the next 3 days. The 7th though, was a hardy little fishy. He was orange with a black stripe down his back and a little black moustache. So, we called him Guido because he looked like he could be a part of the Italian Mafia.

Guido died on Sunday. We think he was overfed, a common cause of death for goldfish. We were sad that he died because he was entertaining and fun to watch. We got a small bubbler stone to put in his bowl and he would play in the bubbles for hours on end. And on the day of his death, he was escorted to Fishy Eternity by means of flushing and now his carcass has probably been eaten by a sewer rat. Nice.

Anyway, on to better things. Jim and I decided we quite enjoyed the little fish experience we acquired in a few weeks time and voted "yes" to starting our very own aquarium. We purchased a really-on-sale-good-deal 10 gallon aquarium at PetSmart and all the fixin's (gravel, bubbler, plants, food, water conditioner, etc). Of course, it took some studying up to know exactly what an aquarium needs to be successful...and so far, so good. We also decided against feeder fish...they're not all that healthy to begin with and will likely die within a few weeks. So, we opted for the fancy-type goldfish. I got an Oranda...and named him February. Jim will get his later this week (it's safer to stock your aquarium one fish at a time).

I'm REALLY hoping I don't kill these guys...

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HonorMommy said...

That is quite the little adventure...

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