Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Heads or Tails?

Last night, again around midnight (are we seeing a pattern here), Josefine was up and rolling around. In another attempt at recreating the amazing experience from last night, I told Jim he should see if he could feel her bump around again. He tried, and after a few loooong minutes, she bumped up a few times.

"She's saying Good Night to her Poppy!" I interpreted.

Then, all of a sudden, the kick was on the other side of my tummy, in the bottom left quadrant - the first was in the top right.

"Wow, she's really moving around!" I said as I tried to anticipate the next bump, and where exactly it would be. I placed my hand opposite of where I felt the last bump and I felt something distinctly firm.

"Jim, I think I can actually feel HER!" It was either her head or her little bum - maybe even her back. But, it was for sure Josefine, because as I pushed and prodded (gently, of course) she would change positions. Eventually, I could feel the little bumping, but not a head, bum or back. I'm assuming she inhabited the back section of her temporary home - the Uterus (that one's for you, cousin Joe) -to avoid any more disturbances from Mama. I don't blame her. :)

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