Friday, February 20, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Hop, Skip and a Jump

They call it "kicking," but I wondered last night what exactly little Josefine was doing in there.

It could have been a swinging arm, a prodding elbow or even a butting head.

When, for the first time this pregnancy, Jim and I both felt Josefine moving around, we opted for the traditional kick.

It was shortly after midnight and Jim and I had just shared a midnight snack, which included a cold glass of Raspberry Lemonade, which may have been the cause of all the ruckus in my tummy from little You-Know-Who.

"Jim, she's wide awake." I informed my groggy husband.

"Cool." was his response. He's heard me tell him what's going on in the bubble-life of Josefine before. Often, he asks "Do you think I could feel it?" and I answer "No, it's still too internal." This time he didn't ask. I think he assumed it was still "too internal."

I put my hand in the place where I felt her move the most and Bu-UMP, my hand raised up from my tummy as if she had pushed it up. "Jim! I think you'll be able to feel her! I pretty much just saw my tummy MOVE!" It was a new experience for me as well; another evidence that there is, indeed, a living person growing, bouncing and floating around inside of me.

I reached for Jim's hand and placed it where I thought she might "kick" again. No movement. I was slightly dissappointed - I knew Jim wanted to feel more a part of this pregnancy. Granted, he had already experienced a number of pregnancy events that would certainly make him feel included.

  1. He's cleaned up 2 maybe even 3 pukey messes.
  2. He's made a few late night trips to the grocery store because I NEEDED applesauce or strawberries RIGHT THEN.
  3. He's been to both ultrasounds.
  4. He's allowed me to drench his shirt sleeve in tears without even understanding why.
  5. He's been forced to avoid re-heating any leftovers - the smell was just too overwhelming.
  6. He's done sink-fulls of dishes - another smell thing.
  7. He's even put up with the probably VERY annoying question, "Do I look pregnant yet, or still just fat?"
  8. And, of course, he's listened to me say over and over "She's moving! I can feel it!" or "She's awake and rolling around!" without ever getting to experience the joy himself.

Well, last night was an exception and a sort of promise that he's not going to be on the outside of this pregnancy any longer.

"Whoa!" Jim's hand raised up from my belly and back down again as he felt the biggest Bu-UMP! I've ever felt from Josefine this whole time. Jim was elated.

"It's like Josefine is saying 'Hi' to her Poppy!" I exclaimed. And just then, he felt another smaller bump. "Confirmation!"

As 12:30 am approached, and we drifted off to dreamland, I somehow knew that Jim would probably fall asleep with a smile on his face.

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Katie said...

Give it a couple of weeks, and your stomach will look like a wave pool! It's crazy :) I could never tell if it was a hand or a foot or a knee or elbow...I think it is remarkable that some women can--for that matter, I can't even tell if it's one baby or both babies moving this time!

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