Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Knitted Lyra Hood - Courtesy of The Golden Compass

The other day, Jim and I checked out "The Golden Compass" from the Library. Although I may not have been THAT impressed by the film, I fell in love with Lyra's knitted hood that she sported near the end of the movie. So, I googled it right away. I found lots of patterns...some were less impressive than others (some were VERY BULKY). But, I found the BEST one at THIS site. It's SUCH an easy knit and a quick one, too. I'm ready to knit one up for Josefine already - which, of course, will be an even quicker knit!

Here, in dramatic Sarah-esque fashion (I wouldn't have it any other way), are some photos of my new Lyra Hood.

Oh, the drama...and the stick up my nose....niiiiice.

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Sylvia C. said...

Oh, that is SO cute! I love it!

I didn't love the movie, either... a bit strange!

Thanks for all your kind comments. Sorry I haven't been to your blog more lately... I'm still finding my rhythm!

Oh, and I listed the earrings you said you liked. Shoot me an email and I'll give you a discount code, if you would like to make them yours!
Sylvia C.

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