Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Josefine's High Chair

Ok, so this product is amazing...we haven't technically tried it out yet. Josefine still has some time left inside her Mama. BUT, I think it's soooo practical and functional and BEAUTIFUL to boot!

Click on Jim and the AMAZING high chair to see more photos of the Assembly Adventure! :) We are THRILLED about this purchase (Thanks to dear Grandma and Grandpa for their thoughtful monetary gift that allowed us to even consider it!) and we can't wait to use it. In fact, I have a friend w/ a little 1 year old coming over tomorrow...she can test drive this new puppy. *sigh* Isn't it just dreamy????


Megan Epley said...

My husband and I can't decide what to get for a high chair. Where'd you get this one?

Sarah said...

Hi Megan! Click on the picture of the high chair. It will take you right to website we ordered it from! :) I think I mistyped when I said it would take you to more photos our our assembling it...oops. :) BUT, we love it. We've already used it for friend's kids who are over and it works great!

Megan Epley said...

Thank you!

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