Friday, March 6, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Dream Sequence

O.k. So, I had this dream, and I'm blaming all my crazy dreams on Josefine and hormones, which is why this post is in my "Pregnancy Diaries."

There I was at a "Welcome Back" party that we were throwing for Jim. Although, I knew we were welcoming him back from a long stay in the hospital, I had no idea what kind of injury/illness would put him there.

So, I threw out the most ridiculous reason I could think of with as much sarcastic flare as I could muster (dream style, of course). "So, what'd ya do? Sit on the floor of shark infested waters with bait tied to your bum?"

To my surprise, Jim answered, "Yes, that's exactly what I did."

I responded, again in Sarah-esque dream-like fashion "WHAT?! Are you telling me you stayed for weeks in the hospital from an injury you got from sitting on the floor of shark infested waters with bait tied to your bum, and YOU want ME to bake you a 'Welcome Home' cake and feel sorry for you!!??"

And I woke up. Feeling pretty worked up by my dreamy emotional outburst, I turned to Jim, who was lying peacefully awake beside me, and told him "No more daring things from now bungi jumping, no sky diving and no sitting on floors of shark infested waters with bait tied to your bum. Being a Missionary in Germany should be daring enough for you."

With this "Good morning, honey, I love you" Jim replied with a befuddled "Ohhhhh. K." At which time I began to explain my dream, which I totally and completely blame on Josefine. I'm not at all paranoid that Jim will do something daring and end up getting his bum bit off by hungry sharks...not at all.


Britt said...

This made me laugh out loud .. I had so many weird dreams like this when I was pregnant with my girls. You're bringing back memories =-)

Emily Breyfogle said...

Sarah, your hormone dreams are more interesting than mine. Would you like to trade?

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