Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alphabet Art: The Missing Letters K, M, Q, & W

In my previous (actually, my FIRST) Alphabet Art post I had nearly all 26 letters of the Alphabet, save for K, M, N, Q, W & Z. I am still currently scavenging (is that even a word?) an "N" and "Z" which, obviously are related in shape...hehe. So, I can offer just 4 of my missing 6. Enjoy! (P.S. It's amazing and unbelieveble, but THIS is exactly how I found the sticks that make up the "K"!)


Mommy Perrott said...

The "K" -- how cool is that? And I love the "M" it reminds me of the Ten Commandments! :)

Sarah said...

I know...I was stoked that I actually found a "K" in "K" shape! :) The sticks were just tangled around eachother that way...although I did prop it up on the right rock to get a better backdrop. ;)

And yes, that's funny! I never thought of the "M" looking like the tablets of the 10 commandments..."M" for Moses! ;)

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