Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photography Blog Update

This photoshoot makes it to my Top 10 most FUN photoshoots. Besides the fact that, while resting on a swing, the swing decided to develop a sense of humor and slip out from under my bum sending me to my doom about a foot and a half below. I bounced, and it was pretty hilarious, I'm sure, to see a pregnant lady slide out of a swing so gracefully! That's okay, I failed to mention that two of my other photoshoots produce similar stories. For a Sr. Photoshoot, a parking lever thingy came down on my head, and during another "kids at the park" photoshoot, I fell, writhing on the ground, with the WORST Charlie Horse in my foot EVER. Thankfully, the grandma was there to save the day and rub it out. Niiice. But, you're not here to listen to me drone on about my on-the-job accidents (which are now numbered 3). And if you ask me to do a photoshoot with you, be ready with an ice pack. I think I'm seein' a trend here.
Anyway, as I was saying. The kiddos, I tell you, were eager to get in front of the camera lens. This made my job VERY easy. Mackenzie was a pro at posing (her mom says we're alike in that way!) and Rylee is the handsomest most expressive little man and I couldn't have asked for a better "subject!" He was really fun to work with! Ashling really lit up as soon as we got outside, as did the youngest, Triona. They were in their element and it showed. I really liked putting together the collages for each child! Kelley and Heather were amazing - they allowed the kids to just be themselves, which really notched up the quality of the photos, for sure! It was really just a "play date" if you ask me. They just had fun and I took photos...this seems to also be a trend in my photography. My favorite family photo is of them all holding hands, facing the water with the quote above that reads "To us, being a family means putting your arms around eachother and being there." They are that kind of family, it's very appropriate. That's a quote from Barbara Bush, by the way. Welp, this is my longest "review" ever of a photoshoot - hope you enjoy the rest of the photos!
Click on any one of the photo collages above to get to my photography blog! There are more collages there that include some of the indoor photos, but if you click on one of those, you can get to the rest!!! ENJOY!

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