Monday, May 11, 2009

Roses for Mama

So, last night Jim just randomly started reciting some old CW McCall sketches he remembered from growing up. Many of them were side-splitting funny. Then, after a few belly-laughs, I asked him to "do another one!" He dug around in his memory and came up with "Roses for Mama." Now, I've never heard of CW McCall, but it was fun to catch a little piece of Jim's childhood through what he could remember. And being it was Mother's Day yesterday, I felt it was appropriate to share it with my readers...and if you're sentimental, you'll probably cry. Or, if you're pregnant. ;)

Now, I will tell you there is an incredibly corny musical interlude between the narrative (don't tell Jim I said that - actually, thinkin' of it, he'd probably agree now, although I'm sure he thought it was REALLY cool when he was a kiddo). Just listen to the story about "Roses for Mama" and you'll catch the message loud and clear.


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Nancy said...

Last summer when my mom and I went to the Iowa State Fair, we listened to a CW McCall song (Wolfcreek Pass) on a CD she had. That brought back memories, since the song "Convoy" was really big when I was about 10 or so. I realized you weren't born then, so no wonder you hadn't heard of him!

I'm glad Jim can make you laugh. This is probably very important for a pregnant woman! But makes for a fun marriage too. Glad you had a good first Mother's Day :)

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