Monday, May 18, 2009

Funny Jim

Wanna know how hilarious Jim can be? Oh, it's just too much sometimes.

Here are a few stories from the past few days (and a some that are a bit older) that show you just how much my Hubby makes me LAUGH! And if you keep up w/ my Facebook, you might recognize some of them as past status updates that I'm reusing. See, I'm green.

  • While shopping at Motherhood Maternity with Jim, I say things like: "Honey, look at this!" or "Oooh, Honey, do you like this?" and "Honey, this is nice!" Jim says, "There sure is a lot of Honey in this store."

  • After a beautiful (but long) day at 2 weddings I say to Jim, "I wish we got married today, than we could be going on a Honeymoon." He replies, "If we got married today, we'd have some 'splainin' to do."

  • During said wedding #2's recepetion Jim and I and another couple, Andy and Melissa, were chit-chatting away. We were trying to remember what those little gifty things were called that the couple leaves on the table for you to take home. Usually mints or some other sweet treat. It occured to me that they are called "favors." At this particular wedding, the favor was a little tulle bag of Skittles in a "shot glass" sized plastic "champagne" glass. Andy opens his Skittles to "Taste the Rainbow." Jim says "Hey, you're eating your favor!" (I'm still laughing about this one.)

  • Lunchtime prayer
Jim: "Father, I thank you for this gorgeous...wife you gave me, etc."

Sarah: (after aforementioned prayer) "Were you going to say 'gorgeous day' but changed it to 'gorgeous wife?'"

Jim: (with cute crooked smile that means he's guilty) "Ye-eeesss."

My turn to pray - "Father, Thank you so much for this windy....husband of mine...."

LAUGHTER - run to bathroom - MORE LAUGHTER...and to clarify, today (that's actually when this story took place - today) was a VERY windy day!
  • During a conversation about buying yarn for a new knitting project - one that I'm STILL working on!

Sarah: "I think I'm going to go down to Des Moines and look for a cute little yarn shop or something."

Jim: with a VERY straight face and no variation in his tone of voice, "They don't sell yarn in Des Moines."

Dude, a knitter can take a hint.
  • During a Missions Conference session at Faith, the speaker was hitting joke after joke in his intro, making the whole student body shake with laughter. Jim turns to me and says, with a straight face and no variation in his tone of voice (I use that phrase again because it's so him) "He's funny." My response, "Are you joking? Because most people laugh at funny people." He replies, "No, I'm serious. He's funny." He wasn't kidding about the "serious" part. Oh, my Jim...I'm still trying to figure out his sense of humor!
Man, this guy cracks me up...I'm sure I'll be coming back with more. What's incredibly funny about him is that he doesn't come off as the funny guy type. But, lemme tell's in him!

And because a post is ALWAYS better with he is! My Jim after an I-Cubs ballgame a few weeks ago. I was trying out my camera in the lighting...and he's always a good subject!


une autre mère said...

There's nothing better than a man who can make you laugh. And I'm sure you have him laughing just as often! I'm glad you two found each other. :)

Gina said...

Funny. Oh, Funny! FUNNY!!

...Remember a certain college friend of ours who, instead of actually laughing, would yell out, "FUNNY!!"? :D ...Good times.

HonorMommy said...

Awww...I love how much you love your husband :-D

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