Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey, I just got my first Bloggy Tag from Katie at Une Autre Mere so I'm pretty excited (and a little nervous...you'll see why) to fulfill my duty.

Eh, hem. Here goes.

You're supposed to do the following:

1. Open the 4th picture folder on your computer
2. Open the 4th picture and post it on your blog
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

Oh, Yay! I guess I didn't have to be nervous after all. It wasn't a really lame picture of me or a terrible, blurry shot...but, if it were, I'd still post it and have a sense of humor. BUT, instead, it's a WONDERFUL, picture of my Hubs, the Hottie! Woo! I love his smile in this one...and the color. This was taken last fall (only TWO DAYS before we found out we were going to have a BABY!) at a pumpkin patch/Corn Maze just a few miles out of town. It was a fun time. They were closed, but let us snap a few fall shots anyway!

Now I'm tagging...DRUMROLL PLEASE!

SYLVIA at Sylvia's Insight - my amazing jewelry-making, new-mommy bloggy friend!

SARAH at Life in the Parsonage - a wonderful story-teller, delightfully perceptive about life, so-honest-you'll-love-her runner and fellow namebearer.

TARA at Mommy Life - she has some of the BEST kiddo stories EVER...funny and touching. She's a Mom at heart!

LIZ at Oxygen and Oatmeal - a super creative still life photographer friend, who I get to see in few short days! YAY!


HonorMommy said...

Um...thanks Sarah! :-D

Although I looked and the 4th pic in the 4th folder does not show the kids faces so I can post it...it's not the best picture in the world though! But I think there is a good story there... :-D

Sylvia C. said...

I'm nervous now, too. And I'm not sure I'll be so lucky.

I'll go do that now!

Sylvia C.

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