Friday, May 22, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Us 'R Babies

I just took advantage of some super-sweet deals at Babies 'R Us. Picked up 3 for $20 packages of Newborn Diapers. Good deal. And when Jim came home for lunch, he observed that the Diapers are good up to 10 pounds. He said with a Southern Twang (not sure why he used that accent), "They'll hold up to 10 pounds until we have to change 'er..." :D Bahahahaaaaa....Jim made another funny.

On another note, I also picked up our Pack 'n Play AND the swing that matches (from the Graco Utopia Collection)! Woo! (We already have the stroller/travel system.) All because I waited (amazingly) and saved up (more amazing) for the Pack 'n Play...a few weeks ago I had enough money saved up from photoshoots and babysitting that I could get the Pack 'n Play, but never made it to Babies 'R' Us to pick it up. In the meantime, I got a few emails informing me of some super good deals...and one of them was $15 off the VERY Pack 'n Play I wanted and 15% off ANY Pack 'n Play in the store! So, with all I had saved up, I was able to get both the Pack 'n Play AND the swing (which was also $15 off this weekend). I felt SO stinkin' awesome about it, I stopped by Krispy Kreme on the way home and got a dozen doughnuts, plus one for the road. A Baker's Dozen.

Oh, and to boot, the swing mobile has owls on it! I'm using owls as the decor for Josefine's room (or corner of the room!) and verses from the Bible about wisdom. Here are pictures of my "Inspirations for Josefine's Room."


une autre mère said...

Super cute Graco set! Isn't it fun getting that stuff home? It makes the whole "baby" thing seem more real. Also, I love the owl theme too!

HonorMommy said...

I have a friend who has the exact same set :-D.

I wish I would have told you about this before you bought the travel system, but the BEST deal out there is the Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seat... It is good for up to 30 pounds and works in any Graco stroller. I wish I would have had it for my kids and I recommend it to all my friends who are having babies because babies outgrow the smaller seats so soon (Samuel outgrew it by 6 months). Instead of leaving them nice and asleep in their carseat and carrying them in the house in that, you have to buckle them into a convertible carseat and, wake them up when they are already nice and asleep and carry them into the house. Plus in Iowa, you will want to keep her all nice and cozy as long as possible and when you have them in the carrier, you can get them all bundled up in the house in the carseat so they don't get all cold going in and out. It's a bit more pricey, but WELL worth it...especially if you are planning on having more kids. I have friends who used it up until their kids were 15 months old! If we have any more (as an unexpected blessing...NO plans for more here!), we will definitely get one!

And about your actual blog... I love that you are using Bible verses about wisdom (and owls :-D) for her room decor! Great idea!

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