Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Iowa State Fair Photography Entries

Today I found out what photo made the Iowa State Fair Photography Exhibition!
Go to my photography blog to check it out! :D


HonorMommy said...

Um...you do realize the picture is exhibited right above your head in this picture, right??? ;-P

Sarah said...

Mmm...that was the point of the picture. ;) My "invitation" to go check out my photography blog was to see the rest of the entries and a bit more "verbal" description. :) I thought of that when I posted the picture, but thought...eh, whatever. ;D

Sarah said...

Plus, it's blurry...I would think those who haven't seen it on FB would like a clearer shot. :)Hehe.

une autre mère said...

You're such a superstar. I can't wait to have you take pictures of our family and new baby sometime in the not so distant future!

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