Monday, September 28, 2009


As we travel, we're often blessed with opportunities to be with family and loved ones! This is one such opportunity - and we've enjoyed it so much! Below is a picture of some of The Sisters and our kids. :) Left to Right:
Emma holding Josefine, Annie holding Ethan, Me holding Dominique and Evy, Michelle holding Ellenora.

The Sisters: Sarah, Annie, Michelle, Alysa (not pictured - boo) & Dominique
Michelle's kids are: Emma, Ethan, Evy, and Ellenora
My girl: Josefine
Annie's girl: Lily (not pictured - boo)
Alysa's boy: Christopher (not pictured - boo)

My, how we've multiplied! ;)

And, boy - do I miss my Canon...I have taken so many pictures...and truly, I see the difference in quality. But, eh...we've captured some memories nonetheless!

MORE pictures HERE! :)

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