Friday, September 18, 2009

Freak Out Mode

Pretty much freaking out this much to do.

Maybe I'll start a new blopic (I just made that word up - it's a cross btwn blog and topic) to motivate me...called "My List." Simple, I know.

Well, here goes it. It may be a tad embarassing - sharing my whole to-do list with the world. But, what choice have I? I'm not getting it done by NOT sharing it. I will get things done and cross them off my list (or turn it ummm....a pretty purply color)...and share it with you, my beloved readers.

  1. Prayer Letter - Wahoo! This got done, I felt the need to add it to my list to at least FEEL like I'm getting somewhere!
  2. Thank You cards for TWO showers. WHY does this seem to take so long. I've gotten a few done - but, I have more to go. I actually ♥ writing thank are a hobby. But, yikes. This seriously needs to be done with...I have a lot I'm thankful for. It could take quite some time.
  3. Announcements mailed. This includes generating a mailing list, printing out labels, stuffing envelopes, etc - not to mention securing addresses for said list. Sadly, Josefine is already nearly 3 mos old...and her announcement photos are from birth-2 weeks. Hmph.
  4. Updating our Ministry Blog with past prayer letters. This could take some time - but once I'm on it, it should go fast.
  5. Expense Report Training. I say "training" b/c I used to do this (very daunting) task...having to keep reciepts and record mileage and so on and so forth can be quite daunting, esp. when you've moved three times and keep losing things. Grr. And because I just can't take it anymore, I'm going to show Jim how it works and HE will soon be the expense report guru. Oh...and this means we have to submit the next report - when??? This is two-for-one item on my list.
  6. Updated Prayer Cards...Nancy, my super-amazing, Iowa-loving friend will rescue me from this, tag-team style.
  7. Write a Story for the online writing class I'm still taking...due Oct. 16. Think I'll make it?
At this point, I can't think of anything else that seems doable in the near future...things like - get the house done (STILL renovating it) and organize things - seem a little daunting and I can't really give them a number on my list. Not yet anyway...I don't have the guts.

And because posts are always better with a picture - and because you're probably feeling as overwhelmed by my list as I am - here is an adorable (one of my favorites) picture of my Josefine, looking as if she has a lot on her plate, too. ;)


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Blopic.....that's hilar.
I'm totally with you about the Thank-you's. Love writing them, and I AM thankful, but I almost find myself when people bring us things or whatever thinking 'Ah, man...another thank you to write'...That's why when I give a new baby gift, I always try to say 'DON'T send me a thank you--love and take care of your baby, that is thanks enough for me!'

Carrie said...

Sarah, wow, what a list - and with a newborn baby to take care of, you don't need a list to be crazy busy!!! If you fax me your prayer letters (our camp has a fax machine and I will send you the # if you want me to), I will type them in a text file & mail them to you so you can post them - if that would be helpful!

HonorMommy said...

What a cute picture! :-D

I personally think you should just skip the announcements...after all, doesn't everyone know by now? You can't do everything and you shouldn't get all stressed out over something that is just something nice to do anyway. People who know you at all, know you have a LOT on your plate and won't begrudge you for not getting those out (despite how cute the proof looked in the blog...). Include the announcement in your Christmas letter and get two for one :-D.

Gina said...

Hey Sarah... If you still decide to do the announcements, I can look up addresses, stuff envelopes... whatever you need. And for all the rest... I would be SO GLAD to take Josefine off your hands for a bit so you can accomplish a few more list items. I seem to have a bit more time on my hands these days... :) Love you.

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