Wednesday, September 23, 2009

*WishList* Wednesday: Bonnets & Owls

I've been scoping out Etsy a whole lot lately...Love. It. In fact, I just got a few spectacularly handmade things for my girl.

This adorable fleece-lined old-fashioned bonnet made contemporary from UB2 is one of them. I knew Josefine would look stunning in these reds and browns... :)

And since I knew she could use a warm hat like this for fall/winter, I "added it to my cart." Sadly, I can't buy up the whole lot of things I love. So, I had to start a wish list for future Etsy longings.

Today's *WishList* Item is from SewCute Shop, and believe me, her work is SO cute. :)

Sidenote: I also saw a giveaway for an item at her shop at Little Birdie Secrets (and no, I don't HAVE to blog about it to enter - I just wanted to share the hip-coolness, just because).

Wouldn't these adorable OWL pillows would be the perfect touch to Josefine's room?


HonorMommy said...

Those owls would be perfect! Did she make that site just for you or what??? :-D

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Seriously, that might be the cutest stuff ever.

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