Monday, October 12, 2009

Married a Missionary: Introductions

The Hubs and I have a love story...a love story written by God. And I would be selfish not to share it. We've been told "you should really write that down!" whenever we share our story with others. And they're right. I should. And I am. Now. But, I want to *warn* you. I'm already planning on telling it the unconventional way. I, personally, am a little overwhelmed at the thought of sitting down and typing, typing, chronological order, no less. So, I'm going to do this Sarah Style...and just share...random bits and pieces of our story as they come to mind. Kind of like, "oh, yeah...and remember that one time!?"


Back when The Hubs and I were dating, I wrote a lot of *insert gooey sound here* LOVE poems.

This one in particular was just recently resurrected from the "Love Box." And because I was convicted by my own writings...I decided to frame it and hang it on our a reminder. Where is our hope placed???

Small Print: I wrote this while I was in California visiting my sister. I took the "Love Box" with me, collected some California sand and brought some antique bottles that Jim dug up behind his house (which is now our house). Over the week, I wrote letters, poems and took pictures. I then, stuffed the bottles with rolled-up homemade paper filled with my thoughts and affections toward him.

What Hope

What hope is delicately packaged
in the bottle on the sea,
What hope we find in Jesus
Who stills the restless waves.

Our hope in Him is gladness
when all to Him is given;
Our hearts are still, in Jesus
As we hope only in Him.

His love transcends our darkness
and gives grace in hours of need;
Our hopes, when given to Jesus
are safe with Him indeed.

So we see great joy and stillness,
love and deep content,
When we give our hopes to Jesus;
on Him our dreams are spent.

For He guides the very bottle
which rides upon the waves,
filled with the hopes and wishes
that stretch throughout our days.

He holds those dreams and wishes,
and governs space and time,
to bring Himself the glory
through your life and through mine.

SH06 5/10
Head on over to Rachel's Blog...and tell us YOUR story.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Wow Sarah -- you amaze me at your creativity! What a sweet, sweet idea! And I love that poem! May I just say that Jim is a lucky guy! :)

Jewel said...

I'm impressed! Great poetry and what an idea!! I want to hear more of your story. :)

Also, I read your previous post about being sports fans or not being sports fans. Funny! (Can I actually leave 2 comments about 2 posts in 1 comment about 1 post? HA) Good friends of mine recently had their daughter's 1-yr pictures taken.. Dad insisted Maddie wear a Packer's cheerleading uniform, Mom insisted that Maddie wave Colts pom-poms. hehe.

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Sarah!! I LOVE this!!!! See, this is exactly what I was hoping with this meme - that each woman would make their posts their OWN, if you know what I mean. :) Your poem is amazing! You are one talented woman. I can't wait to read more!!!

Sylvia C. said...


I know the feeling of being *overwhelmed* by something that still inspires you.
Can't wait to hear more stories... "Sarah Style!"


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