Sunday, October 11, 2009

Totally Hoping I Win This One!

But, if I don', it was worth a shot, no?

WHY I want to win this giveaway??? Because (HELLO!) she's giving away a Canon Lens...I have no clue what kind. For some reason, it doesn't say - unless I totally missed some small print. I promise...I read the whole post! :S

ANYhoo - you should get on down there and check it out...if I don't win it, perhaps YOU will! :D


Aaaaand, on another "winning" note. Go Hawkeyes!

Also, I "lied."

Apparently, I had this idea we were totally not sports oriented...I didn't even know about Iowa's Homecoming and that they were playing my hubbies fave team.

So, I was just sharing with Jim how I posted this and admitted all of our sports ignorance to the whole internet. I walked into the nursery where he was dutifully changing Josefine and I found this:

Eeek! WHAT are you DOING to my CHILD!?

Ok, it wasn't THAT bad. I actually thought it was cute. So, I let him go out in public (behind enemy lines, mind you) and we went on a (short)walk.

I must admit, they ARE cute...but, I didn't go without supporting the Hawkeyes...and being really, really, really happy when they won. Although I was a nice wife and didn't rub it in...too much. So, I guess I stand corrected. We are somewhat sports oriented...

I guess the proof is in the fact that, during the game, we actually watched Monsters Vs. Aliens (again) and then listened to the last hour of the game on an old beat up radio. That is how dedicated we are, my friends. Go Hawks.


emilyrebekah said...

Um.... so....Auntie Em is going to get little Josefine a Hawkeye jumper for Christmas.... after all, she was born in Iowa, NOT *shudder* Michigan... ;-)
And yes. The win was very nice... more like glorious....

Go Hawkeyes!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Loving the Michigan know since we are from Michigan and love the Wolverines. Sad that they lost though. Your family is cute.

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

You guys are SO cute!!!

My daughter had an LSU onesie before she was even born. I knew my options were to convert or spend the rest of my life alienated from my husband's family :)

stb said...

Love the family picture!!

It was a great game, even though my team didn't win...but I think I'd rather have watched a movie too :-(

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