Thursday, October 22, 2009

Survey Says: The "N's" Have It

For this weeks Alphabet Challenge, I'd thought I'd do a little survey.

It all started when I was perusing my brain for a creative "N" idea for this week. So, I asked my sleepy-headed husband. What's your favorite "N" word? And this was his response.

650 Jim

Then, I got it in my head that I would conduct an "N" Survey with some of my beloved Facebook friends.

These were their responses.

This is my sister...she's amazing. And I had to agree with her that our 8th grade Mythology section was pretty cool.

650 annie

Evy is a dear friend from High School. I'd have to give her answer the "Most Entertaining" and "Made me Laugh" I had to wonder what some of those "N" words even meant!

650 Evy

Erica is a friend from Germany...and hers is my favorite answer as far as using her favorite "N" word very creatively goes.

650 erica

Here's a simple no-explanation answer. But, somehow, I don't think it needs an explanation.

650 daniel

This goes to show, everyone's favorites can be based on their this one. Emily is an awesome English Teacher, by the way. AND she ran a 1/2 Marathon. Take that.

650 emily

Now, for my all time favorite...I'm sorry, since this is a post about 'favorites' I felt like it was okay to pick a favorite favorite.

650 gina1
650 gina2

And, the one you've all been waiting for (riiight)...yours truly.

650 sarah

So, now...answer me THIS:

650 what's your favorite


Jennifer Bowen said...

Oh, Sarah... how unique! This was such an awesome way to do the alphabet challenge. I love it! Ok. My favorite "N" word is noble, the meaning that pertains to high moral character. =)

melanie said...

Sorry, guess I missed your 'deadline' for publication ;-)

And I don't think I can spew my 12th-hour Long Windy Answer again right now...

But I will agree that I *do* like the options of Name & Newborn... especially the naming of a newborn babe =)
I'm mother of 4 queens, ya know!
K(C)atherine the Great
Abigail, wife of David
Elisabeth (um, the First I think)
and our Grand Finale: Molly, which is a nickname for Mary - and that would NOT be Bloody Mary, thank you! She could have been 'Sarita' but 4:30am was too early to ask permission from the Jacksons. And somehow "MollyPop" is just right!

See, yet ANOTHER long windy! Don't ya just love it?!

I leave the boy's names for you to analyze yourself, except to say that Thomas means 'twin' which is what decided that choice...

melanie said...

Oh, and Sarah, since you probably don't go looking for comments on posts from 2008 very often...
I decided to click on the "Gina" link, and read about her birthday surprise... so left a comment there before I realized just how old the post was..

I'm feeling like a regular goofball this eve - shall we blame it on the rain?

Gina said...

I win?! I WIN!! What do I win? Can I name your next baby?! Hehe. ;)

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Lately, I feel like my favorite N word is "Nothankyou."

Carrie said...

Now that my son is almost entering the terrible 2 stage, 'night-night' is MY new favorite word - bedtime & naptime can be SUCH a relief! :)

Mommy said...

I would tend to agree about the "night-night" "N" word. That and Nap-time. AJ would say that his favorite N word is Nursing and Jared.. Hmm..If I asked him if he had a favorite N word he would respond with rapid head shaking and a "No" which would come out sounding like "Do" but hey, it's the thought that counts right?
I liked reading all the N answers.

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed the "deadline" ;) I thought about it off & on today & I'd have to say that "nap" is currently my favorite n-word!

sara said...

What a fun post!!!

I think I have two favorite N words...

first, I love the word NEW also (must be a Sara(h) thing)... for all the reasons you said, but mostly because in Christ I am NEW!!

2nd, has already been said....Nutella. I heart the stuff. It makes me happy!

Emily Breyfogle said...

Hands down.... nifty. Look at the word, how could you NOT love it?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Not necessarily a favorite but it just popped into my head and won't leave:


Sharon said...


That's all I have to say about that.


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