Friday, October 23, 2009

Fish + Face = Funny.

Ok, you're REALLY going to think I'm nuts (if you don't already) after this post...

Today is Friday. Which means, Homesteaders Heart is hosting her weekly "Friday Funnies!" I always enjoy hearing a funny story, and I do love contributing my own funny stories as well. Under Grace and Over Coffee is also hosting her bit'o "Caffienated Randomness." Funny, random, funny, random...fandom,'s all the same to me.

So, I was's Friday. I need to come up with something funny...and random. And it hit me, like a fish in the face...something randomly funny DID happen today.

Here's the scoop.

My dear mom-in-law was having a not-so-funny day, so she randomly called up her darling son and daughter-in-law (that's us) and greeted us by saying, "Tell me something funny." Jim answered the phone, so he was the lucky one on the spot. Being that he isn't as spontaneous as me, he stuttered for a brief second and said..."my hair is getting long and I wore a hat all day. So, now I have hat-head."

I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, that's not funny (or random)'s...true."

He replied, "She laughed, though."

"Okay, I'll give you that."

Then, in my devious little mind, I began conniving funny things from my poing of view. I mean, hat-head really isn't as funny as all that.

I started laughing out loud (LOL - I never use that, but thought it was appropriate this time) to myself.

Jim asked "What's so funny?"

I shoot back another extremely random question, "Have you ever been slapped in the face with a fish? You know, like on TV?" *I honestly can't recall ANY time I've seen someone getting slapped in the face with a fish, but it's vaguely familiar as a comedic action and seems pretty funny...if you ask me.

"No." Jim answered. Famous last words.

Lucky me, we had fish for dinner. A Rainbow Trout prepared deliciously by Cracker Barrel (it was take out, folks...don't worry, we weren't out in public). And if you've ever had Cracker Barrel's Rainbow Trout dinner, you'll know that it's prepared skin-on.

I normally NEVER touch the skin...but, this was worth it.

As Jim was innocently chatting away with his mom, I picked up the fish skin guessed it, slapped him in the face with it. So. Random.

"Well, you have now!" I was laughing so hard I was crying.

"You just slapped me in the face with a fish!" Jim couldn't control his laughter.

"I....know...." still laughing.

"Mom, Sarah just slapped me in the face with a fish!" I could hear her laughter on the other line.

"How's that for funny (and random)?" I asked as I wiped away the tears on my cheeks. "Now, you can NEVER say you haven't been slapped in the face with a fish. How cool is that?"

Later, Jim handed the phone to me. He said, "Mom says I'm not funny. She wants to talk to you." Mind you...Jim really is funny. Very funny. Maybe this just wasn't his night.

So, I talked to Mom-in-law and like any good mother, she said that slapping her son in the face was 'mean'. But, deep down...I knew she thought it was funny.


You think I forgot to post a way, no how. Enjoy. Here is the funny man...singing Chicago's "You're My Inspiriation" to me. He's on the " one needs you more than I need yooooouuuuu" part. How much more random can one get...and I without the caffiene. Creepy.

I love this man.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, sis ~ Issi is envying Jim's patience right now! I was laughing out loud while reading this & he had to ask what's so funny. After I told him he said, "don't EVER slap me in the face with a fish! I don't have the patience of Jim."
I, on the other hand, thought it was HILARIOUS!!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is too funny. Does being slapped with a fish hurt? lol Too bad you don't have a video:)

Gina said...

Dah! It seems I left too early yesterday... :P

The Real Me! said...

That's funny and yet random! LOL

Anonymous said...

Haha!! I love it!!

SophieMae said...

LOL! What a hoot! That sounds like something I'd do... IF Duller would laugh. I'd have to catch him on a REALLY good day.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Eric and Shawna said...

That...was...hilarious...Eric wouldn't have the patience either!

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