Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Bacon" Made Me Cry

It's 9:30pm.

About an hour ago, I got home from a Bible Study on gratefulness...a great study and made me think hard about a lot of things. Jim asked me how the study went, so I told him, and I added about sixty bajillion extra thoughts I'd been having the past few days about the topic of gratefulness, my reaction to "not traveling" thoughts about feeling as though I'm half "home" and half not, and the struggle therein. Basically, I spilled my missionary wife guts out to him. He listened sweetly. He nodded and said "uh, huh" and indicated that he understood. Then, when I was finally out of breath I asked the common "know what I mean?" question. It was right then I had this incredible craving for bacon. "Jim...I want bacon." Then, I burst into tears. He gave me hug. The sweetest, most understanding, loving hug...and now, he's on his way to the nearest grocery store to pick up some bacon for me.

What a guy. I am so blessed...and so grateful for husband with a listening ear and willing servants fetch me bacon at 9:30pm.


melanie said...


So glad you are getting in on the Gratitude study! Did you get a book already?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jim =)
{And sounds like Sarah, for that matter!} I miss you so much, sis! Enjoy your bacon =)
Love you guys!

Jewel said...

I hope your bacon made everything all better!

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