Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Surprise for Gina

I have this Great Idea for a most wonderful Birthday Surprise for my most wonderful friend, Gina. Sorry to say, but I can't tell you what it is, because chances are, she'll read this post...and then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, which would make it less great. And I don't want that.

What I CAN say, though is that it will be VERY creative, fun, original, memorable, suprising, Sarah-esque, colorful, unique, decorative, energetic, a little pricey but worth it, pretty, lively, entertaining, portable, ingenious, flattering, upbeat, not generic, relaxing, genuine, graceful, funky, childlike, flowy, coherent, needed, thoughtful and loving!

Creative Juices are flowing, Gina. I can't wait til March 22!
Pictured above: Gina and her friend, Mike.

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g-baby said...

You're amazing, Sarah... I'm speechless...

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