Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photography Blog Update

This was my first newborn shoot. I was so eager to capture little Brody in all his newborn splendor. I just loved all the details in his face, skin and even how he just lies there, content...well, most of the time "content." He had his moments, but those moments were just as sweet and I happened to capture one of those as well. Oh, I just can't resist. Although you can click on the above collages to get to my photography blog to see MORE of Brody, I'll bless you with another preview below. I just love their little tongues when they cry like this. I know, I know what you're thinking. "She's not gonna be lovin' it soon, when she has to deal with it regularly." You're probably right, too. But, still...precious!


Anonymous said...

These are adorable! The Clines kiddos are genetically blessed! Well, not that they are blessed with great parents!

HonorMommy said...


Sylvia C. said...

You do such a lovely job. I don't think I got as many nakey-baby shots as I should've...
Oh well,... sigh.:)

Hope you are feeling well!

Sylvia C.

Carrie said...

Such cute pictures!!! You will have your own newborn photo shoots soon!!! And, yeah, the crying gets old after a few weeks, but it goes SOOO quickly!!! :)

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