Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the Road...

Here I sit, at Villiage Inn, somewhere in Colorado...Sterling, perhaps? Yay for Free Wi-Fi in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

A few things:
  • My camera is in the shop. Boo. But, I brought along old faithful - The Sony. So, I will still chronicle our trip in photos and share them with you.
  • I had this super crazy dream that my friend named her baby girl, Samson. :S
  • We took Josefine swimming last night...she was less enthusiastic about it this time, since the water wasn't SO warm.
  • Before we left home, I checked the mail and got 2 things I've been waiting for - Josefine's sneaker socks, Rainbow Leggings, and Fleece-Lined Bonnet from UB2.
  • We had to rent a car because our Black Beauty pretty much bit the dust, like, the day before we left...praying about that now...perhaps you could join us?
  • Have 2 meetings tomorrow to share our burden for Germany...another prayer request.

Welp, as far as I can think...and at this rate, it's not very far...that's all folks! Enjoy a few pictures of our little journey!

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