Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Man Needs a New Band

I wish I could guise this post as not "I want to enter a giveaway" post - but as a viable, "My Man REALLY Needs a New Band" post. Well, he doesn't REALLY need a new wedding band - but, if I had the chance to win a free one for him...I'd take it. (Plus, he deserves it.)

So, here I am taking this chance.

HomeSpun Threads is hosting this amazing giveaway for a ring from Tungsten Wedding Rings...I found out about it because my friend Sylvia entered it as well. Pretty popular stuff, I say! ;)

I like this one. :)

And because this makes me reminisce our Day - here's a nice wedding-y picture of our rings!

1 comment:

Sylvia C. said...

hey, hey!
good luck!

PS- at first glance, i thought you meant your hubby was going to join a band... ha ha! :)

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